Bichromatic Littoral Temperature Observer (BLTO) Instrument

PI: Putman, Philip (Sierra Lobo Inc.)
Co-PI(s): Ma, Ou (University of Cincinnati) : Walker, Alex (Sierra Lobo)
Start Year: 2021 | Duration: 2 years
Partners: Sierra Lobo Inc, University of Cincinnati

Project Abstract:

Sea surface temperature (SST) is one of the most important inputs to weather and climate models. Measurement of SST through remote sensing methods is well established. However, modeling of littoral regions, particularly those including river outflows, requires measurement with better spatial and temporal resolution than is currently available. The proposed work continues investigation of a long-wave infrared imager for SST measurement that can support the required ground sample distance (approximately 30 m) while being compatible with the size, mass, power, and communications constraints of a cubesat, making it possible to deploy multiple instruments to decrease revisit time.

The proposed work will investigate performance of the instrument including imaging of a simulated target scene, power consumed by the thermal management system, and image processing to better utilize downlink capacity.

BAA: N00014-21-S-B001