Real-time Analysis of Turbulent Spectra for Adaptive Tracking of Environmental Features and UUV Wakes

PI: Nidzieko, Nicholas (University of California Santa Barbara)
Co-PI(s): Fisher, Alexander (UCSB) : Lueck, Rolf (Rockland Scientific) : Wolk, Fabian (Rockland Scientific)
Start Year: 2019 | Duration: 3 years
Partners: Rockland Scientific, University of California Santa Barbara

Project Abstract:

This work will use UUV-based microstructure measurements of temperature, conductivity, and shear to characterize spectral characteristics of both natural and man-made turbulence sources. The ultimate goal of the proposed work is to develop novel techniques for observing evolving turbulent phenomena using unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs). Applications of this capability include observing the evolution of submesoscale fronts and tracking the turbulent wakes of manned and unmanned underwater vehicles.

Our specific project goals are to:
(1) implement and test a next-generation microstructure instrument on-board a REMUS 600;
(2) characterize natural turbulent signatures using the UUV-based measurements;
(3) detect man-made turbulent signatures autonomously within a mission.

BAA: N00014-18-S-B007