Satellite Hosting Atmospheric and Littoral Ocean Water Sensors (SHALLOWS) Project: Phase A 2

PI: Tolbert, Carol (NASA GRC)
Co-PI(s): Lekki, John (NASA GRC) : Beck, Richard (University of Cincinnati) : Tokars, Roger (NASA GRC) : Franz, Anthony (AFIT/CTISR) : Liu, Hongxing (University of Alabama) : McGhan, Cathern (University of Cincinnati) : Black, G (University of Cincinnati) : Reif, Molly (JABLTCX) : Emery, Erich (USACE) : Stumpf, Richard (NOAA) : Johansen, Richard (ERDC)
Start Year: 2021 | Duration: 1 years
Partners: NASA GRC, University of Cincinnati, AFIT/CTISR, University of Alabama, JABLTCX, USACE, NOAA, ERDC

Project Abstract:

Perform radiometric modelling and analyses to predict system performance to support trade studies and define operational requirements (such as frame rates).

Make measurements of, and compute corrections to the spectral response of each of the 192 hyperspectral filters to correct for shifts and broadening due to the lens used.

Design the electrical interface between the optics and the SUPERNOVA spacecraft. This will leverage work ASTRA has done with the LS1046 chip

Design the mechanical structure to hold the optics and computer

Develop project documentation to support Phase B and beyond (Project Plan, SEMP, SRD, ICD)

Provide program management consultation as requested and advise and consult on engineering model development to plan and prepare for future environmental testing.