Using Uncrewed Underwater Vessels for Mapping and Characterization with application to Pollution Response

PI: Mowitt, William (NOAA Uncrewed Systems Operations Center)
Co-PI(s): Terrill, Eric (Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California San Diego)
Start Year: 2021 | Duration: 1 years
Partners: NOAA, Environmental Protection Agency, University of California San Diego

Project Abstract:

An area off the coast of California with known and suspected dumping of drums of potential DDT-containing wastes will be surveyed by multiple uncrewed underwater vessels (UUVs) simultaneously deployed from an auxiliary general oceanographic research ship using high-resolution acoustic bathymetry and sidescan imagery. This project supports multiple NOAA missions as well as the missions of multiple Federal partners. The high-resolution mapping techniques using UUVs and a new class of ships similar in design to planned NOAA builds will be evaluated by NOAA participants.