NOPP Program Update: June 2017

This month, the NOPP Office attended the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation’s Capitol Hill Oceans Week (CHOW). Over the three-day conference, panels discussed:

  • the role of social media in communicating science;
  • the past, present, and future of NOAA programs from the perspective of previous NOAA administrators;
  • conversation with emerging environmental leaders on how to create actionable change;
  • how activities inland impact our oceans;
  • the need to act locally to keep local problems from becoming global ones and;
  • how the ocean community needs to better communicate that National Marine Sanctuaries are for the enjoyment of all.
Kristen Sarri, President of the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation, speaks at CHOW 2017

The President of the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation, Kristen Sarri, finished the conference with five words she hoped each participant would take away from the conference; partnership, bipartisan, empowerment, optimism, and persistence. Thank you to the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation for organizing this wonderful event and we will see you for CHOW in 2018.

If you were unable to attend but are interested in the topics discussed, you can watch the entire conference on the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation’s YouTube channel.

Over the past month, the NOPP Office has been preparing to attend three conferences over the next three months. The NOPP Office will be attending the following conferences:

Come by our booth to checkout our new literature handouts and receive our new NOPP swag. We hope to see you there.

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