Chemical Sensors for Nutrient Monitoring


Dr. Rodney Cluck and Dr. Joan Cleveland posing with winners of the FY13 Award for Excellence in Partnering. Left to Right: Dr. Joseph Needoba (CMOP Oregon Health and Sciences U.), Dr. Rob Campbell (Prince William Sound Science Center), Dr. Joan Cleveland (ONR), Dr. Rodney Cluck (BOEM), Dr. Andrew Barnard (Principal Investigator, WET Laboratories), Dr. Corey Koch (WET Labs), and Mr. Casey Moore (WET Labs)

Long-term in Situ Chemical Sensors for Monitoring Nutrients: Phosphate Sensor Commercialization and Ammonium Sensor Development

Lead PI: Dr. Andrew Barnard, WET Labs

Dr. Barnard brought together a project team of chemical and environmental research scientists from both freshwater and oceanic communities, leading in situ instrument manufacturers, operators, and ocean observing and resource managers. The goal of the project was to develop a reliable and accurate long-term in situ nutrient sensor system using methods that are both user friendly and can be readily adapted for several nutrients.

Dr. Barnard and his team effectively transitioned the sensors into key local, state, and Federal monitoring programs, as well as ocean observing and scientific research projects. In doing so, they illustrate what the NOPP program is all about; collaboration and partnership with the goal of advancing ocean research and education.