Acoustic Metadata Management and Transparent Access to Networked Oceanographic Data Sets

Lead PI: Dr. Marie Roch, San Diego State University
Start Year: 2011 | Duration: 4 years
Partners: Scripps Institution of Oceanography & NOAA Northeast Fisheries Science Center

The researchers propose to create a database system that can be used by marine mammal researchers, governments, and private industry to organize and share passive acoustic detections of marine mammals. This work is driven by the need to understand marine mammal ecology and behavior as well as the impacts of anthropogenic activities. Passive acoustic methods offer an increasingly effective technique for the monitoring of marine mammals. Advances in passive acoustic monitoring technology have produced a wealth of high sample-rate acoustic data, with multiple terabyte data sets becoming a standard practice. Analysis of these data have traditionally been accomplished through human scanning, with automated methods gaining ground in the last decade.


Annual PI Reports:
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