Advancing the Caribbean Coastal Ocean Observing System (CariCOOS)

Lead PI: Mr. Julio Morell, University of Puerto Rico
Start Year: 2011 | Duration: 5 years
Partners: University of Virgin Islands, WeatherFlow Inc. & National Weather Service

The Caribbean Coastal Ocean Observing System (CariCOOS) has strived to meet prioritized stakeholder needs for coastal information with an efficient design- minimizing observing assets -while developing complementary modeling tools. This initial system has proved effective in providing wind, wave, and current data products as well as simulations that support forecasting on the Atlantic and Caribbean insular shelves. The Caribbean Regional Association (CaRA) intends to complete the initial CariCOOS phase and develop the required observing, modeling, and skill assessment assets and tools needed before proceeding onto a shoreward extension of the CariCOOS product domains.

Informational access to the near coastal regions will allow CaRA to bring services to specific shore dependent activities/sectors such as port and harbor operations, recreational activities, and coastal resource management. Specifically, CaRA will focus on supporting navigation safety and rapid response recovery in the most important regional ports, minimizing hazards to beachgoers and other recreational users, long term observing of climate change and ocean acidification, remediation, mitigation and adaptation to coastal hazards, data support for marine spatial planning and marine protected areas, and outreach and education to develop an “ocean literate” society. Funding will continue support for the regional association in its mission including continued stakeholder engagement and representation and continuing CaRA’s outreach and key alliances.


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