Atlantic Canyons: Pathways to the Abyss

Lead PI: Dr. Sandra Brooke, Florida State University, Dr. Steve W. Ross, University of North Carolina, Wilmington, and Mr. Stephen Viada, Continental Shelf Associates, Inc.
Start Year: 2010 | Duration: 4 years
Partners: University of North Carolina, Wilmington, Oregon Institute of Marine Biology, University of Louisiana, Bangor University, Netherlands Institute of Sea Research (NIOZ), Texas A&M University, NOAA, Hecker Consulting, North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, ArtWork, Inc., Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, & U.S. Geological Survey

The study will focus on the exploration and investigation of deepwater coral and hard bottom communities and shipwreck sites off Virginia and Maryland. These studies will result in the discovery of new coral areas and other significant canyon habitats and address processes controlling their distribution, abundance, and ecological functions. Selected shipwreck sites will be studied to determine their historical significance and their ecological function as artificial hard substrata.