Developing the Pacific Islands Ocean Observing System (PacIOOS)

Lead PI: Mr. Chris Ostrander, University of Hawaii at Manoa
Start Year: 2011 | Duration: 5 years
Partners: University of Hawaii at Hilo, Marine and Environmental Research Institute of Pohnpei, & University of Hawaii Sea Grant College Program

The goal of the proposed work is to maintain the existing capacity developed in Hawaii and elsewhere in the U.S. Insular Pacific through the initial stage of PacIOOS implementation and to continue to enhance the operational ocean monitoring and forecasting system to provide integrated, customized, and timely ocean information, data products, and marine spatial planning tools that meet defined user needs. Initial development of PacIOOS, has focused on four thematic areas: Coastal Ocean-State and Forecasting, Coastal Hazards and Resiliency, Water Quality Sensing, and Marine Ecosystem Information and Monitoring.

The work proposed will continue to strengthen and integrate observing assets within the PacIOOS region with other regional associations into the national system. An iterative, participatory process of engagement, outreach, and extension of PacIOOS capacity and data products has led to clearly defined stakeholder needs for additional customized and integrated data and information products in both Hawaii and the Insular Pacific region. To that end, PacIOOS proposes to continue to develop the observational, modeling, data management, and outreach components of the observing system to generate products that help ensure a safe, clean, and productive ocean and resilient coastal zone for the U.S. Pacific Islands.


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