Evaluating The Potential For Marine And Hydrokinetic Devices To Become Artificial Reefs Or Fish Aggregating Devices Based On Analysis Of Surrogates In Tropical, Subtropical, And Temperate U.S. West Coast And Hawaiian Coastal Waters

Lead PI: Dr. Sharon Kramer, H.T. Harvey & Associates
Start Year: 2013 | Duration: 2 Years
Partners: Collaborative Fisheries Research West & National Marine Fisheries Service

The project team will perform comprehensive literature review and interview regional field managers. The team will then evaluate the impact of size, shape, and configuration of surrogate deployments on fish and invertebrate communities, and analyze impacts and risks for specific fish species and artificial reefs in five Pacific subregions. This project aims to determine the potential for MHK technologies to cause reefing effects and consequent beneficial or detrimental changes to marine species of regulatory concern.

Annual PI Reports:
FY 2014 PI Report
FY 2015 PI Report