Expansion of Metadata Management, Visualization, and Data Processing Functionality of OBIS-SEAMAP

Lead PI: Dr. Patrick Halpin, Duke University
Start Year: 2011 | Duration: 2 years
Partners: Cornell University, San Diego State University, & NOAA Northeast Fisheries Science Center

To develop the functionality required to serve as a central passive acoustics data portal, we are envisioning a framework for passive acoustic monitoring data in three tiers or levels (Figure 1). Currently OBIS-SEAMAP has focused only on the development of prototype tools for the archival and dissemination of fully processed and published marine mammal localization products. This final class of passive acoustics products would represent the most complete form or Tier 3 data in our proposed hierarchy. The core aim of this proposal is to develop a more seamless system for presenting data across multiple levels of processing and development.


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