Impacts of Turbulence on Hurricane Intensity

Lead PI: Dr. Yongsheng Chen, York University
Start Year: 2009 | Duration: 3 years
Partner: National Center for Atmospheric Research

The study was conceived as a possible way to calculate the nature of radial turbulent diffusion in a TC through computation of the small-scale turbulence (i.e., a large eddy simulation or LES) using advanced numerical models applied to an idealized tropical cyclone. The PIs anticipate improvements in TC intensity forecasts by relatively high-resolution [horizontal grid spacing of O(1km)] numerical forecast models by developing a more physically based radial-diffusion parameterization. Collaboration between York University and NCAR will optimize the modeling effort (WRF model experience at York and NCAR, and high-resolution idealized modeling with CM1 at NCAR), and will also facilitate transfer of knowledge to real-data applications and other research projects (via advancements in the WRF model).


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