Protocols for Baseline Studies and Monitoring for Ocean Renewable Energy

Lead PI: Justin Klure, Pacific Energy Ventures
Start Year: 2010 | Duration: 2 years
Partners: Oregon State University, Northwest National Marine Renewable Energy Center, H.T. Harvey and Associates, Science Applications International Corporation, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, & NOAA Northwest Fisheries Science Center

The primary outcome of this project will be a Protocol Framework for identifying, collecting and comparing environmental data relevant to offshore renewable energy projects. The Protocol Framework will be developed and evaluated by leading scientists and stakeholders. The Protocol Framework will outline the criteria and thresholds for collecting data for both (1) baseline and (2) operational monitoring studies for wave, tidal, and offshore wind projects on the U.S. West Coast (California Current large marine ecosystem [LME]). This tool will be portable to other regions and LMEs, and developed for consistency with related European programs.


Annual PI Reports:
FY 2011 PI Report
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