Real-time and Observed Measurements of Hurricane-Induced Hydrodynamics and Flooding

PI: Mason, Robert (U.S. Geological Survey)
Co-PI(s): Brown, Jenna (MD/DE/DC Water Science Center), Clark, Athena (USGS), Warner, John (WHOI), Janssen, Tim (Sofar Ocean), Smith, Pieter (Sofar Ocean), Abdolali, Ali (NOAA NWS), Mehra, Avichal (NOAA NWS), Moghimi, Saeed (NOAA NWS)
Start Year: 2021 | Duration: 3 years
Partners: U.S. Geological Survey, Sofar Ocean, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (National Weather Service)

Project Abstract:

The objective of this proposal is to provide in-situ measurements of offshore waves, and both offshore and inland water levels, to validate predictions of waves, surge, and structure interaction and damage due to hurricanes and extreme storms. This proposal emphasizes collecting measurements in shore-perpendicular transects of the transformation of waves and water levels in the nearshore region and flooding extents inland, thereby relating the offshore forcing conditions in deep water, to the extremely dynamic surf zone and shoreline conditions, and subsequent impacts on coastal barriers and communities; the co-location and coherence of these measurements will provide critical observations for comparing with coupled numerical models. This work aims to advance rapid response capabilities for measuring storm-induced hydrodynamics, particularly within the nearshore waters and at the shoreline, which is notoriously difficult but extremely important for improving our scientific understanding of storm-induced coastal processes.

BAA: N00014-20-S-B001
BAA Topic: Task 3: In Situ Measurements