Russian Dolls: Nesting a Turbulent Large Eddy Simulation within a Nonhydrostatic Adaptive Grid Model within a 1/25 HYCOM Model

Lead PI: Alberto Scotti, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Start Year: 2015 | Duration: 3 Years
Partners: Naval Research Laboratory – Stennis Space Center

The goal of this project  is to develop a modeling framework capable of spanning, in a localized region, the O(Km)  scales where forcing is applied  to the O(10 m)$ scales where standard LES SGS models are expected to apply. This is achieved by nesting within HYCOM a non-hydrostatic model based on Adaptive Mesh Refinement, the Stratified Ocean Model with Adaptive Refinement (SOMAR), which in turns drives within selected regions a Large Eddy Simulation (LES) model.

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