Enhancing K-12 Science Education via Satellite-televised Interactive Technologies

Lead PI: Dr. Paula G. Coble

This project will transition Project Oceanography, a successful marine science education program for middle school students with a national and international audience, into a televised educational series supported by sponsors from the private sector. Program reruns will be televised during this transition year to maintain existing network of users. Additional instructional TV stations and school districts will be contacted to expand participation and increase the number of registered sites. Advertising and marketing plan will be developed to assist in expanded use of existing and future Project Oceanography programs. In collaboration with partners, a demonstration video will be produced and broadcast on hydrothermal vent science. This demo video will be promoted in conjunction with release of an IMAX movie on the same topic and will be used to solicit sponsorship of future Project Oceanography programming, thereby completing transition from a NOPP-funded project to the private sector.

Number of Years: 1


  • University of South Florida
  • FutureVision
  • Low Distribution Inc.

 FY 2002 PI Report