High-Level Data Fusion Software for SHOALS-1000TH

Lead PI: Dr. Grady Tuell, Optech International

Optech International and the Department of Marine Science of the University of Southern Mississippi will partner to develop and apply data fusion approaches to SHOALS-1000TH data. The partnership will exploit the strengths of each group and will provide for significant interaction between the research and development team at Optech International, who are presently involved in related sensor and data fusion work, and the faculty and students at the University of Southern Mississippi, who have capabilities in ocean optics, hydrography, and marine GIS. Under this funding, we will conduct the necessary research and development to evolve current data fusion capabilities to higher levels within a formal data fusion paradigm: the SIT (spatial-information-technique) data fusion model. Our work will be completed in the IDL language, and will be integrated into Optech International’s existing data fusion software.

The expected outcomes of the partnership are: (1) a number of new data fusion algorithms and computer programs which will produce coastal and environmental information from SHOALS-1000TH data; (2) increased accuracy of environmental information resulting from the collection and application of in situ oceanographic ground truth; (3) the transfer of knowledge from academia to industry regarding the collection and use of in situ optical data; (4) transfer of knowledge from industry to academia related to airborne laser bathymetry and sensor and data fusion; and (5) the education of future researchers and workforce through the integration of these concepts into graduate level courses at the University of Southern Mississippi. Optech International and the University of Southern Mississippi each will make significant in-kind contributions in this effort.

Number of Years: 3

Start Year: 2005

End Year: 2008


  • Optech International
  • University of Southern Mississippi

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