The Alliance For Coastal Technologies (ACT): National-Scale Efforts Toward Verification and Validation of Observing Technologies

Lead PI: Dr. Mario Tamburri, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science
Start Year: 2011 | Duration: 5 years
Partners: University of South Florida, University of Michigan, Moss Landing Marine Laboratory, University of Alaska Fairbanks, & University of Hawaii

ACT seeks to achieve progress towards its goals to: (a) rapidly and effectively transition emerging technologies to operational use; (b) maintain a dialogue among technology users, developers, and providers; (c) identify technology needs and novel tools and approaches to meet those needs; (d) document technology performance and potential; and (e) provide U.S. IOOS with information required for the deployment of reliable and cost-effective networks.

Workshops will be conducted on: (1) System architecture for sustained observing systems; (2) Application of environmental sensors for port security, (3) Capabilities of in situ pH sensors, and (4) Lessons learned from the Performance Verification of in situ hydrocarbons sensors. ACT outreach will continue to explore and implement new modes of information delivery and sharing. Looking forward from 2012 to 2016, ACT will initiate one new Technology Evaluation and up to four Technology Workshops each year. ACT is user driven, and continuous customer engagement will define the focus of future evaluations and capacity building activities. Annual plans will build upon previous year’s outcomes and describe in detail the implementation priorities and resource requirements to help shape next generation ocean observing and support decision-making through ocean observations.



Annual PI Report:
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