Visual Impact Evaluation System for Offshore Renewable Energy

Lead PI: Dr. Jackson Cothren, University of Arkansas
Start Year: 2010 | Duration: 3 years
Partners: Argonne National Lab & Bureau of Ocean Energy Management

The project will develop the Visual Impact Evaluation System for Offshore Renewable Energy. The proposed system will allow an MMS user to design the spatial layout and content of an offshore facility, import and prepare geospatial data that will affect visibility, run a series of sophisticated visual analyses, define atmospheric, lighting and wave conditions and, finally generate one or a series of realistic visualizations from multiple viewpoints. The system will also accept three-dimensional computer models of facilities submitted by project applicants or available from third parties, and will include pre-built models of many facilities. Output will be in the form of maps, tabular reports and high-quality rendered images. All of this will be accomplished within a familiar ArcGIS interface.


Annual PI Reports:
FY 2011 PI Report
FY 2012 PI Report